Join us for a weekend of hacking, hustling, and deep-diving into the blockchain industry's most cutting edge DLT developer tools.

Today's most exciting use cases for blockchain technology extend far beyond payments and digital currency. New protocols that offer much more robust programming capabilities than bitcoin have ushered in the era of the "smart contract," and expectations are sky-high for what that could mean in industries ranging from capital markets trading, digital rights management, new peer-to-peer insurance models, and the internet of things.

The Building Blocks Hackathon at Consensus convenes many of the world's top blockchain developers vying to build the next killer smart contract app. Participants can build on top of any blockchain protocol: bitcoin, ethereum, any hyperledger project or otherwise. And through various sponsor challenges, they're encouraged to leverage the software and support made available by our world-class mentors in order to deliver these solutions.

Join us for a weekend of hacking, hustling, and deep-diving into the blockchain industry's most cutting-edge developer tools.

You can walk away with new contacts, prizes of up to $30,000 plus other sponsor goodies, in-kind awards, and coverage for your new creation on CoinDesk.


Saturday, May 11 - 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sunday, May 12 -  9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Agenda-at-a-Glance    (timings subject to change)

Saturday, May 12
08:00 AM : Doors open & Power breakfast 
09:30 AM : Welcome, Sponsor prizes, Ideas & Team formation 
11:00 PM : Coding starts
01:00 PM : Lunch 
04:00 PM : Rehearsal signup 
07:00 PM : Dinner

Sunday, May 13

08:00 AM : Breakfast of Champions 
08:00 AM : Rehearsals (required to present/signups on Saturday) 
12:00 PM : Lunch 
01:00 PM : Coding ends / Submissions due on Devpost
02:00 PM : Demos begin / Demos only / No slide decks
04:00 PM : Judges weigh in

05:00 PM : Winners announced / Prizes awarded


More details on how to use DevPost:

  1. Have EVERY person on your team go to the link above and click Register for this hackathon. (You all must create Devpost accounts.)
  2. One person from each team will Enter a Submission (which is a button you'll see after you Register). Where it asks you to add your teammates' email addresses, make sure to use the same ones they used to create their Devpost accounts.
  3. Submit early and include as much information as you can, so you won't be rushed toward the end. And remember, you can keep updating your project until the deadline.

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Participant: Individuals 18 or over in age.

Team size is up to 5 members.

Prize money winners will likely be required to show government issued IDs to Sponsors; and additionally may require Tax form completion.


The objective is to create a new working prototype of an app, a DApp, a protocol, a platform etc. Your project may include hardware. 

It is recommended to have a full description of your project, and any slides on DevPost. However judges may not have time to review your DevPost submission. 


Olivia Blanchflower

Olivia Blanchflower
Director of Wholesale & Distribution / GrowNYC

Joe Ventura

Joe Ventura
AlphaPoint Founder and CTO

Wayne Vaughan

Wayne Vaughan
CEO & Founder / Tierion

Robin Zhong

Robin Zhong
Founder - Nebulas

Jay Milroy

Jay Milroy
Head of Product / Interbit

Suresh Shetty

Suresh Shetty
Head of Blockchain Engineering - JP Morgan

Ed Moncada

Ed Moncada
CEO / Founder - Blockfolio

Igor Lebedev

Igor Lebedev

Jordan Earls

Jordan Earls
Co-Founder / Qtum

Brian Behelndorf

Brian Behelndorf
Executive Director / Hyperledger

Muneeb Ali

Muneeb Ali
Co-founder / Blockstack

Judging Criteria

  • Use of DLT Tech
    Use of Blockchain / distributed ledger technology
  • Implementation & tech quality
  • Problem being solved
    Is it big? is it small? is it just a hack?
  • Presentation quality
    Did you practice? Will an investor understand well enough to invest?
  • Market readiness